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LES assists school organizations in assessing the impact of operational initiatives and programs which will lead to a more focused effort in improving targeted outcomes.

Leveraged Education Solutions LLC supports education and corporate leaders through strategic advisement, consulting, and program research.


A school division is at its best when there is a focused strategic plan for accomplishing an objective or desired outcome. Effort is impacted by a variety of factors such as: Organizational Culture; Human Capital; Leadership; Communication; and Data Tracking and Decision-making.


Designed to maximize the impact of the input force or Effort on the output force or desired Effect. In the absence of proper planning, trained staff, leadership deficiencies, counterproductive culture or traditional values, the fulcrum may be repositioned to make the work less difficult for an organization. LES assists organizations by repositioning the fulcrum for maximum gain.


Your strategy should align with the values and capacity of your team. Setting lofty goals without the means to accomplish objectives may derail an organization. Whether it is in the form of a strategic plan that has not been realized to its full potential or a specialized program, getting the desired outcomes can be elusive when deficiencies in Effort exist.

Our Services

Strategic Advisement

  • Development and assessment of a division’s strategic plan
  • Support and advisement on the development and assessment of Superintendent Entry and Post-Entry Planning
  • Planning of new division initiatives
  • Alignment of division resources for improved student and division outcomes

Program Evaluation

  • Assessment of new and existing programs or initiatives
  • Determining Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Improving communication and community support for programs or initiatives

Read Dr. Parker's District Administration Program Evaluation Article here

Consulting Services

  • LES offers a variety of consulting services in the areas of Division and School Leadership, Evaluation Systems and Improving Division Results.

Our Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage lies in our emphasis in utilizing the existing capacity of our client’s organization in the consultative process.

We understand factors such as organization size may limit the ability to leverage division resources. We therefore help organizations leverage financial and human capital, to optimize efforts and accomplish specific goals or objectives. Consequently, Leveraged Education Solutions will not provide a one-size-fits-all solution for its clients.

Our services will assist our clients in finding sustainable solutions unique to the size and capacity of their school organization.

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Our Methodology for School divisions

Primary Consultation (Free)

Identification of a challenge or opportunity

Aligning the services of LES to your needs

Development of Contract for Services

LES will implement the agreed services


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Schedule a free consultation with an LES professional by clicking the Start Today link below. Initial consultations are scheduled at your convenience and are intended to identify potential LES services which may be of value for your organization.

Upon completion of the initial consultation a follow-up planning meeting will be scheduled for the purpose of aligning LES services to a course of action.

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Develop a Data-Driven Culture

Empower Division and School Leadership

Build Sustainable Systems for Improved Outcomes

Business Services

Leverage for Businesses

LES also delivers a range of services to Education Service businesses.

LES supports organizations in the areas of Consultation & Marketing Services; Product & Service Implementation; and Conference Support.

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Consultation & Marketing

  • Thought Leadership
  • Services and Product Review
  • Strategies for Marketing to K-12 Institutions and Leadership

Product & Service Implementation

  • Advisement on Product / Service Implementation
  • Sustainable planning
  • Assistance with service delivery teams

Conference Support

  • Networking Event Support
  • Conference Strategy and Sales Team Support
  • Session Planning, Speaking and Panel Discussion

Who are we ?

Dr. George Parker III

Retired Virginia Superintendent

With 30 years of experience in public education, including 8 years as a Division Superintendent, I have gained extensive experience as a leader in urban, rural, and suburban school districts, ranging from large to mid-size and small. I am passionate about developing sustainable school and division programs and initiatives that have a lasting impact on students, staff, and the community. Over the course of my career, I have been recognized at both the state and national level for my programs' excellence and results. I am committed to providing leadership and expertise to support the success of your educational institution

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